Heat Pump Project Solution  

Tenesun has rich experience in heat pump project. With high quality products, advanced technology and professional project engineers, tenesun takes up 1/3 market of China big industrial or commercial heat pump hot water project. Heat pump hot water system is mainly made up of heat pump, insulation water tank, controller system, water pump, solenoid valve and other accessories. The system can work with advantages of high safety, stability, much convenience, energy saving, and environment friendly, which assures 24 hours comfortable hot water for users. Tenesun also supplies diversified hot water project solution. Like solution of heat pump and solar water heater combination. The design by Tenesun tries to achieve the highest efficiency of heat pump and solar water heater combination. As a environment friendly hot water project solution, it is widely applied in hotel, school, hospital, etc.

Heat pump hot water project sample

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